Our Services

Our Services

Group Reformer Classes include personalized training for up to eight people using the Pilates Reformer, and are designed for those who prefer to work out in a small group setting with personalized attention. These classes are perfect for all levels, from novice to the advanced athlete. You will work out every muscle in your body during your one hour Reformer class, and will also be introduced to other Pilates apparatus such as the Combo Chair and Ladder Barrel.

Konnector Reformers incorporate an innovative, single-rope pulley system with loops for all four limbs. The Konnector enables independent, simultaneous movement of both arms and legs. You experience constant proprioceptive feedback, while facilitating full-body integration and stronger core activation in new and dynamic ways.  The Konnector is a brilliant creation to cross-train the body as a whole. It is a true “Pilates in 3D” system for athletes, dancers and clients with asymmetries.

Private Sessions are perfect for the novice or advanced athlete, and can be designed to accommodate almost any physical limitation. They include one on one personalized Pilates workout programs tailored to your specific fitness goals.  If you prefer to work out with a partner we also offer Duet Sessions.

Pilates for Dancers incorporates specialized Pilates exercises designed to help dancers enhance technique and reduce the risk of injury using a variety of Pilates equipment to help improve core stability, upper body strength, flexibility, extension, and turnout.  These Pilates exercises are great for the non-dancer as well.

Our Group Reformer Classes also incorporate the following specialized movement forms:

Pilates Circuit Training is a fast paced, dynamic group Pilates workout that rotates between various Pilates apparatus such as the Reformer, Combo Chair, Cadillac and Ladder Barrel for maximum challenge.

Jumpboard Interval Training combines a high intensity, fun Pilates cardio workout with strength and resistance training.

Cross Training incorporates Pilates exercises specifically tailored to your sport in order to enhance performance, increase speed and reduce the risk of injury.  Whether your passion is Golf, Running, Cycling, Rowing, Football, Basketball, Tennis, etc., Pilates is one of the best forms of cross training for any sport because of its focus on balanced muscle development, flexibility, core strength and postural alignment.

Pre/Postnatal Conditioning using Pilates apparatus and specially designed props, movement is modified for each trimester to provide a safe, comfortable Pilates workout while focusing on strengthening the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles so vital for delivery.  It’s also a great way to get back in shape after childbirth.*

 * Some physical conditions may require a doctor’s release.